Beard Shaping for Windsor

At Youssef Hair Boutique Inc., we have a passion for helping men in Windsor look their best. A great shave and beard shaping is often the first place to start when you are looking to freshen up your look for something a bit more refined. At Youssef Hair Boutique Inc., we know that no two faces are identical. That is why we always take the time to privately consult with all our clients about their personal lifestyle preferences, maintenance habits and beard shape goals.

Beard Consultation

Every man deserves a unique beard that is shaped perfectly to their face. During your consultation, your barber will ask you questions such as:

  • How often do you find yourself shaving?
  • How do you envision your look?
  • Are there any celebrity influences who’s style you admire?

These questions will help your barber to determine what beard shape is right for your goals and lifestyle.

Once you and your barber have determined your ideal beard style, they will go ahead and start trimming it for you. They will determine where your head hair and your beard hair intersect, and they will clean up this area to create more definition from your hair to your beard. this will create an overall more refined look to your beard, and will let it stand alone and not blend into the mass of your head hair.

As a general rule, your face shape should suggest the beard style. For example, for square shaped faces, it is best to keep the hair fuller on the chin but shorter around the sides so as not to accentuate the square shape and make your face look wider. Men with round faces would benefit from growing the beard length wise to elongate the face. Minimize any hair growing sideways on the cheeks so as not to make an even rounder shape. Long faces should keep short beards to minimize making the face look larger than it already is. Oval faces are lucky because this is the most versatile face shape. As a man with an oval face, you can enjoy any face shape you want!

Proper Beard Care

Proper beard care is just as important as the shape. Our Windsor barbers always clean your beard before grooming it with a gentle beard wash. Afterwards, they comb it with the grain to straighten any knots and to determine which hairs are unruly and need trimming. After shaping your beard and trimming it to perfection, your Windsor barber will fade your beard into your neckline. It is up to you if you want a sharp neckline, or a more gradient one. Sharp necklines can be harder to maintain whereas smooth, gradient ones are more forgiving. Finally, your barber will trim and shape your mustache so that it blends in with your beard seamlessly and you look well-groomed and clean.

You will notice quite the positive change after your beard shaping appointment. A clean and groomed beard says a lot about a man’s character, and suggest a put together, tidy individual. Contact our Windsor salon to find out more!