Facials For Windsor

You probably have heard that your skin is your body’s largest organ. Well, seeing as how it is also one of the most porous organs, it is constantly absorbing toxins from the air that you breath and the makeup that you wear. Investing in a regular monthly or bi-monthly facial greatly improves the health of your skin by helping to eliminate toxins while replenishing essential nutrients, minerals, and moisture. Facials are suitable for all ages and skin types. Furthermore, investing in a regular facial routine has many anti-aging benefits.

At Youssef Hair Boutique Inc., our facial treatments are always customized to our particular clients’ needs. Our Windsor clients can trust that every one of our facials begin with a one on one consultation that aims to determine your specific needs. Each of our facials has the goal of detoxification, balancing hydration and age restoration. Your personal esthetician will recommend routines that you can employ at home to get the most out of your skin care regime.

Why Get a Facial

The following are just a few benefits to getting a facial:

  • A qualified professional can give you the advice that you need to get to know your skin better.
  • Facials lower blood pressure: A soothing facial treatment calms the nerves and reduces stress, which in turn lowers blood pressure.
  • Facials Increase circulation: The warm steam that our estheticians use during a facial encourages your pores and blood vessels to open. This process encourages new cell growth. Another benefit to the facial steam is that it minimizes the effects of sinus inflammation by opening the nasal canal, improving breathing function, something everyone in Windsor could benefit from.
  • Facials reduce fluid retention: As your estheticians gently massages the products into your face and neck, this stimulates the lymphatic system which releases toxins and reduces bloating and water retention.
  • Facials safely and effectively treat acne: Your esthetician will be able to sterilize your skin and safely remove any excess built up dirt and grime in your pores which is the bacteria that causes acne breakouts.
  • Facials improve your self-esteem: Investing an hour or so every month into your own skin care regime is a powerful act of self-care. These types of actions train the brain into associating acts of self-care with endorphins and happiness, causing your self-esteem to improve.
  • Facials promote healthy, glowing skin: The exfoliation, top of the line skin care products and blood circulating massage aspects of a facial greatly improve the quality of your skin. If you have ever wondered how celebrities like Jennifer Lopez attain their signature glow, they most likely get a regular facial.

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If you live in our around Windsor and are looking for professional facial service near you, contact Youssef Hair Boutique Inc.. If have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please do not hesitate to call us or to drop by in person. We look forward to providing you with a luxurious facial service. Treat yourself to a revitalizing facial today!