High Quality Hair Relaxer Treatments in Windsor

Many women and men in Windsor have thick, coarse and unruly hair that does not work in their favor. Getting out the door in the morning can really be a struggle when taking control of those wild locks takes more than half an hour. If you enjoy wearing your hair straight but your hair is naturally curly, you may have to use heat more than three times a week to straighten your hair, which can cause problematic damage, breakage and dryness. Luckily, there is a solution. A hair relaxer can chemically alter the texture of your hair so that thick, frizzy hair becomes silky smooth and manageable. Many of our Windsor clients have already benefitted from this hair treatment. To learn more about hair relaxers, read the article below which outlines some information about the treatment and the types of hair it is suitable for.

A hair relaxing treatment may be right for you if:

  • Your hair is painful and difficult to detangle.
  • You don’t enjoy wearing your hair naturally curly and would rather it be straight.
  • You live in a humid climate and constantly struggle to keep your hair straight and silky.
  • You want to stop heat styling your hair but you don’t want to sacrifice it being straight.
  • You wish your hair was easier to manage.
  • You want to totally change the texture of your hair.

To find out more information, please feel free to call our Windsor salon to speak with one of our hair technicians. They will be able to further answer your questions regarding hair relaxer treatments and can schedule an appointment if you choose to go forward with the treatment.

What to expect from a hair relaxer treatment

At our salon, our friendly hair professionals will form your hair into sections to map out where the relaxer will be applied. This allows for the most effective and least damaging treatment. Then, depending on your hair texture and density, they will apply anywhere from one to four coats of the formula to the sectioned off areas.

Since this treatment can be a shock to your strands, we will always gently shampoo and apply a deep conditioning masque after the relaxer formula has been rinsed out. This will lock-in moisture and introduce protein back into the hair follicle to counteract the damage. After your shampoo and conditioner, we will style your hair as usual and then you are ready to go! It’s that simple.

So, if straight hair is part of your regular beauty regime but you just don’t have the time or will to keep up with it, a hair relaxer treatment could be just the solution for you. It will reduce heat styling damage by allowing you to use heat less often, and will grant you more time on those busy mornings where you have to make it out the door quickly while still looking great. To schedule an appointment with one of our hair technicians, call our Windsor salon today!