Treat Yourself to An Affordable Luxury with a Manicure by Youssef Hair Boutique Inc.

Youssef Hair Boutique Inc. proudly provides the people of Windsor with high-quality manicures. There are so many benefits of treating yourself to a manicure beyond just esthetics. A manicure can uplift your spirits and can also affect the way people perceive you at home and at work. With so many options available in today’s market, there is no reason that you spend more than you want to. At Youssef Hair Boutique Inc., there really is something for every budget.

The Benefits of Nail Care


Ensuring that you have clean fingernails is always a sign of good hygiene. We use our hands for many purposes including handling food, touching our faces and playing with our children. The cleanliness of our hands could not be more important when ensuring our health and safety.

First impressions

Imagine you are meeting someone for the first time. You shake their hand to introduce yourself and notice that their fingernails are long, unkempt and have dirt beneath them. This would cause you to have a poor first impression of the person. It is often the case that our hands are what make a good first impression when meeting somebody new. This is very valuable in a business scenario or any other scenario where you are being judged on your appearance.

Improved nail durability and strength

Incorporating manicures into your beauty regime will improve your nail health by making your nails stronger and more resilient to breakage.

Types of Manicures

Classic Spa Manicure

Windsor’s most popular service. A classic spa manicure consists of professional nail cleaning, trimming and shaping followed by a beautifully applied coat of a salon quality nail polish color of your choosing. Included in our classic spa manicure is a relaxing and moisturizing hand massage and exfoliation.


Acrylic nail tips are a great choice for anybody who is interested in having a shiny, thin and natural looking long nail. Acrylic nails can be easily customized and shaped to your desired style. Acrylic nails lend themselves well to airbrush designs, jewels or any other styles you may be interested in. When choosing acrylic nails, it is important to consider that your natural nail will be filed down to accommodate the acrylic. Therefore, acrylic may not be the right choice for somebody with already thin and brittle nails. Ask one of our Youssef Hair Boutique Inc. experts about what type of manicure treatment is right for you.


Gel manicures offer a more durable alternative to acrylic nails. Gel colors are vibrant, shiny and long-lasting. Go with a durable gel manicure that includes file and cuticle upkeep and a luxurious hand scrub. Benefit from our specially-formulated high-quality polish and gentle UV light curing process.

Call our Windsor salon today to speak with one of our nail care experts and find out more about which type of manicures is perfect for you!